Your crane experts at VETTER

Are you looking for personal contacts who can advise, support and inform you? Then you have come to the right place. By selecting your desired area and, if necessary, entering your country and postcode, you will find the right crane expert for your topic.

Contact person for crane service

Frank Hofmann

Telefon:+49 2773 91601-620
Contact person for spare parts

Sylvia Müller

Leiterin Ersatzteilvertrieb

Telefon: +49 2773 91601-230

Agnes Kunze

Telefon: +49 2773 91601-220
Mobil: +48 604 768 894
Contact person for personell

Oliver Weirich

Geschäftsführer Finanzen und Personal

Telefon: 02773 91601-400

Sabrina Muhlack

Personalreferentin Ausbildung

Telefon: 02773 91601-412