Product highlights

  • Universal trolley limit stop for parallel-flanged beams (91 to 300 mm beam flange width)
  • Suitable for all makes of push trolleys and electric trolleys
  • Quick installation, without gas-cutting, welding, and drilling
  • Installed in just a few minutes
  • Multi-purpose use for installation on lower or upper beam

Travel limit for push trolleys and electric trolleys

Travel limit for push trolleys and electric trolleys with flange width ranging from 91 to 300 mm.

UNI end buffers by VETTER Krantechnik have been well-proven in numerous applications and are the perfect trolley limit stop for your push trolleys and electric trolleys.

Use of the clamping buffers is quite versatile and ranges from mere limitation of travel, blocking of hoists in a certain position, protection against rolling to simple absorption of impact force. Our UNI end buffers are installed easily and quickly and do not require any gas-cutting, welding, or drilling. You are able to mount, position, and clamp them on the beam in no time.

We provide all your makes with capacities of up to 10,000 kg. You can mount the multi-purpose clamping buffers on the lower or upper beam.

UNI end buffers are suitable for parallel-flanged beams of 91 to 300 mm (flange thickness of 8 to 25 mm) and are sold only in pairs (= 2 pieces).

Technical Data UNI end buffer

Max. capacity of the hoist [kg] Max. permissible hoist weight [kg] Max. permissible trolley speed [m/min]
2000 180 28
2500 225 25
3200 225 22
4000 325 20
5000 600 16
6300 600 14
8000 1500 12
10 000 1500 10

Scope of supply:

  • 2 galvanised and chromated sheet metal frames
  • 4 clamping brackets
  • 2 rubber buffers
  • 1 threaded rod, 370 mm
  • 1 set of nuts, washers, and safety nuts