Movable gantry crane made of aluminium

Capacity:  500 - 1500 kg

Clear width:  3000 - 4000 mm

Tip Horizontal adjuster for continuous adjustment of the runway length

Product highlights

  • Low dead weight thanks to aluminium structure
  • Easy travelling on level floor with four guide rollers with brake
  • Can be moved when loaded
  • Horizontal adjuster for continuous adjustment of the runway length
  • Lockable push trolley
  • Folding side frames simplify handling
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy snap-on assembly – not requiring any drilling nor tools

The flexible one

The movable gantry crane ALU-PK can be operated in alternating places where quick and easy crane installation and disassembly are required.

Using the ALU-PK, you are able to lift, transport, and move loads of 1,500 kg effortlessly. The integrated brake blocks the push trolley in any position. Thanks to its standard height adjustment feature, the movable aluminium gantry crane perfectly meets your requirements.

Neither drilling nor tools are required for installation; all joints are in snap-on design. As this mobile workshop crane can be disassembled quickly and easily, it is ideally suited for assembly operations – either indoor or outdoor. Thanks to its folding side frames and an individual component weight not exceeding 30 kg, the aluminium crane is mobile and can be moved easily by a single person.

Horizontal adjuster for continuous adjustment of the runway length included in the scope of supply.

Moreover, we offer a suitable power supply via spiral cable, chain hoists ELECTROLIFT®, manual chain hoists as well as various other accessories.

Technical data

Capacity: 500 - 1500 kg
Clear width: 4000 - 4000 mm
Total height: 2550 - 4180 mm
Suspension height: 2170 - 3800 mm
EN 15011 Hoisting class: HC2
EN 15011 Stability class: S1
Hoist: Chain hoist / Pulley block
Trolley drive: By hand
Installation location: Indoor / Outdoor

Gantry span [m]

Capacity [kg]



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