The Deutsche Bahn Company in Leipzig / Germany is using a new wheelset diagnostic system, e.g. for ICE wheels. Accompanying this new system is a column-mounted slewing jib crane TYPE M which has a capacity of 2,000 kg, an outreach of 3 m, and numerous accessories.

The outdoor crane is located just outside of the distinctive, twin-track ICE engine room with a length of 218 m. In the plant, ICE railcars and Intercity passenger carriages are serviced and minor repairs are made. There, our crane is used to rerail and derail tested wheelsets which are required to calibrate the wheelset diagnostic system. This state-of-the-art diagnostic system allows for the wheelsets to be automatically checked for damages or wear during operation. For this purpose, the train rides along a sidetrack of the Leipzig Railroad Station over the measuring area. The train is identified automatically and all relevant measuring values are collected and compared to a database so that required repairs can be scheduled precisely. This system enables the Deutsche Bahn Company to monitor the wheelsets of trains continuously without incurring any personnel costs and time loss and serves as a basis for improved workshop organisation.

In order to meet the required safety standards, the outdoor crane's equipment had to be adjusted accordingly:
A jib arm locking prevents the crane from inadvertent slewing on the track area. Moreover, the locking is triggered by a limit switch that transmits a corresponding signal to the rail system's controls. This ensures that no train rides on the track when the jib arm is positioned above the tracks. A warning light on the top of the jib arm also gives a visual signal that the crane is in operation. The stand-by positions of the crane hook as well as the position of the trolley are predefined.
The crane is operated by a control panel which is suspended at the hoist and may be stowed away in a lockable, stainless steel box when not in use. All crane movements are mechanically limited and electrically switched off.

Since the crane is intended for outdoor use, further measures were taken to ensure operational availability and to achieve a long service life of all components:
The crane is protected against excessive voltage and equipped with a lightning protection. Moreover, the entire crane is in galvanized design and provided with an additional top coat. The electrical slewing gear and the electric chain hoist have been provided with weather protection roofs and neoprene cables. The shuttle box of the crane control system is accommodated by a stainless steel housing.

Accordingly, the crane perfectly suits the respective conditions and does a reliable job at the Deutsche Bahn Company in Leipzig.