Thanks to a new ROTOMAX® load turning device, the Fronberg Guss company of Schwandorf in the Upper palatinate was able to considerably simplify its handling of heavy moulding boxes.

Heavy moulding boxes with a deadweight of up to 50 tons - it is hardly imaginable that such monsters can be rotated once around their own axis while hanging freely. Jürgen Rath, production manager at Fronberg Guss, is also quite impressed. Special endless chains are used for the rotating process using the ROTOMAX® load turning device. They are equipped with a driving dog which engages with a trunnion on the moulding boxes and thereby prevents the chains from slipping through.

However, the ROTOMAX® load turning device is not only used for turning moulding boxes but also for lifting considerably heavier loads: The device can lift up to 80 tons in its function as a lifting beam. For this purpose, different chains are used.

The drive wheel distance of the ROTOMAX® load turning devices is adjustable between 2,500 and 7,200 mm so that boxes of different sizes can be handled. The load‘s centre of gravity is automatically compensated by parallel travel of the drive units so that the load is balanced at all times. An operator uses a remote control to navigate the impressive process from a safe distance.

“The equipment is a great boon to us because  the working process
and safety at work have been improved considerably.”

Jürgen Rath