The fishing marina in Mrzeżyno/Poland, a fishing village and seaside resort at the Baltic Sea (West Pomerania), has a new attraction: Where the Rega river flows into the Baltic Sea a VETTER yachting crane of type B now supports the fishing companies in maintaining their boats.

The crane with the striking VETTER V as counterweight and an impressing capacity of 40,000 kg is provided with four hoists on two cross beams. The front cross beam can be moved forward and backward by means of a patented traversing trolley. Integrated safety devices measure whether all four lifting gears are loaded equally. A fuse automatically stops the transport operation in case of excessive load or oblique position. If all safety parameters are met, the crane slews the boat to the provided transfer position. It goes without saying that the crane is provided with a special coat on the basis of corrosion category C4 to protect the system from the salt air in this maritime environment.

The operator Wojciech Grzymkowski is proud of the new crane:

“The 40-ton crane by VETTER now moves all boats safely ashore. A crane of this size is unique at our coast and reflects the performance of our port. The crane has become a new symbol of the town and represents the modernity of the port.”

Wojciech Grzymkowski