The Messer Group has fitted its first new air separation plant at its Siegen-Geisweid (Germany) site with an AS column-mounted slewing jib crane. The hot galvanised slewing jib crane has a lifting capacity of 500 kg and was installed for maintenance purposes high up on the plant's 60 m high "bold box".

The tower is the centrepiece of the plant where air is separated into its constituent parts in order to produce a variety of industrial gases. Industrial gases are used in all sectors, mainly in the manufacturing industries. However, Messer also manufactures high purity medical oxygen at the new production plant which is used for respirators, for example.

The crane is suitable for outdoor operation and transports tools for repair work and insulating material for maintenance as well as the valves that need replacing every three years and therefore have to be taken up the 60 m high tower. For these operations, VETTER has supplied a chain hoist with a lifting height of 65 m with a chain bag equipped with its own trolley.