Direct supply of energy to the workplace at large construction sites is still facing problems. When lines in large-scale plant engineering or shipbuilding, e.g. for supply of compressed air, gases, acetylene, oxygen, ventilation, suction, etc. and other feed lines for welding, drilling, grinding, or lighting, etc. are to be installed over great distances and where these lines are to be relocated over and over again due to changing workplaces, things become quite difficult. The installation of lines is not only time-consuming and expensive but the present installation methods bear the permanent risk of damage resulting in long down-times.

In this respect, the VETTER Krantechnik GmbH Company developed an energy supply system which has been implemented quite successfully in an entire shipbuilding hall. Telescopic slewing jib arms which are mounted to the walls are provided with supporting frames at the bottom which accommodate all types of energy in flexible energy supply chains. At the end, there is a cage with quick release couplings from which the operator can take the required type of energy. The operator is able to control the entire energy supply system, i.e.

  • slewing the jib arm in a range of up to 180°
  • extending the telescopic arm up to a length of 14 m
  • setting the lifting height of the supply unit between 0 and 7 m

from a central control panel while two speeds are available: Quick and high-precision motion.

This novel system saves considerable working time normally required for the installation of feed lines to the workplaces, in particular when different types of energy are to be supplied to different workplaces as in case of shipbuilding.

In the present case, 6 jib arms for energy supply were permanently installed in the shipbuilding hall; today – after installation of the system – no retrofitting works are required to supply the required energy to the respective workplace.