Last year, the new pump workshop of the RWE Power AG in Elsdorf started its operations. Here, about 2,500 pumps with a weight of up to 12 tons, which are used for draining at the surface mines Garzweiler, Hambach, and Inden and subjected to severe mining conditions, are inspected and repaired every year.

In this respect, the operating company attaches great importance to workplace ergonomics. It goes without saying that VETTER slewing jib cranes play an important role! 25 wall- and column-mounted slewing jib cranes with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 kg are used in Elsdorf for the pump component handling and ensure efficient and ergonomic working conditions.

Almost all column-mounted slewing cranes were fastened onto the hall floor by means of our DowelPlate system. Sven Karsubke, who is responsible for the pump workshop of the RWE Power AG in Elsdorf, appreciates this system:

"No expensive foundation works were required because this safe and patented system is dowelled directly onto the existing floor – this saved us time and money. Regarding the wall-mounted slewing jib cranes, VETTER also provided fastening solutions perfectly fitting our conditions on site."